What up anyone and everyone!

What up up all of you who still check through HPco’s websites, facebook pages, ect. We love you guys. Now I have to announce we’ve been on a year hiatus now due to creative differences. For myself personally, it has been a rough start to the year things are starting to fall into place. Thank you God! God is good. (*on a sidenote we are nothing but open minded artists here at HPco.To each their own. And seriously, if your a person who has a problem or with the way someone else is living I just want to remind you … who the hell are you to judge others? What makes YOU so special? AHH a bit of an anger slip? LOL. F it, you’ve just got to stay positive.




I’m going to drop a few cool song links up because some of it just must be shared again and again because its so good. And hey, hopefully you pick up a new artist! So many graphics to fish through as well so they will be up here within the next week and we move forward. Time to showcase both new art AND artists. So… being that it is technically Thursday (3:30 AM) check back Sunday while your chillen to check out some new stuff. All right, as always, cheers and stay positive. Negative people truly bring you down and who the hell needs that? LATER



Dirty Heads _ Rolling Stones Cover – Paint it Black

#dirtyheads #dirtyj #duddyb

Matisyahu_KOL Cover- Use Somebody

#matisyahu #kingsofleon #mashup


Gary Clark Jr. – When my Train Comes In – Gary Clark Jr. is so cool, so mellow – he kicks this van jam in the ass!

(Shit! Youtube wont let me share it for some reason. Go to youtube, search Gary Clark Jr. “Jam in the Van – When my trains comes in” . SO fun to watch.


And Last,



Sick, Bluesy trippy vocal performance from Plant. Just do me a favor, listen to this AMAZING song. It’ll relax you and remind you life is good if your down.


#Ledzeppellin #LedZep #RobertPlant #JimmyPage #JohnBonham #JohnPaulJones




Haha. Talk to you soon. So happy to be back.





It was just you and me  sittin on the sand baby sipppin’ hennesey – Rome Ramirez




Whats good HPCO family! *NEW GALLERY* (2015)

What upp!

Yes, it has been a while since we’ve posted I truly apologize for that. We’ve actually been out putting murals together for Spring, bringing new staff members on board to bring a whole different spin to HPco. And the big news! HandPainted staff is so proud to announce that we are now designing with ITO Clothing (#inthyodyssey) – InThyOdyssey.com – #ART #GRAPHICDESIGN #HIPHOP #REGGAE #PAINT #GRAFFITI #STYLE – influenced clothing. Looking forward to releasing the first line within the next two weeks so please, check us out! 😛 Now, back to the goods. Photography, Painting, Graphic Design, Graffiti & More. Enjoy.


Saint Francis of Assisi


Saint Francis of Assisi receiving the Stigmata.”

Artist: L. Marks 

HandPainted Artist L.Marks

**Please visit/contact us via the information provided below. With the Christmas around the corner, if your still looking for that stunning oil, acrylic or even sketch… contact us immediately and we can get you in and hopefully make you holiday that much nicer. 🙂

PhotoFunia Cross Stitch Text Regular 2014-12-16 09 42 10




(*All photography and artwork posted is under full ownership by Handpainted Co.)