About Handpainted.

The idea or “dream” to begin the HANDPAINTED CO., began to take shape in early January, 2014. HANDPAINTED was started by Louis Marks and Anthony Biello while living in a all white room, middle of winter, freezing tile floors and simply put, bare to the bone. No phone, internet or television, just blank walls and isolation. Then, out of nowhere, Louis turned to me (Anthony) and stated the following words.. “This room could use some color”. Those five words put the ball in motion and the idea took off. Being the talented artist Louis is, we actually resorted to hanging paper on the wall. Non-Glossy, plain jane computer printing paper. This set the stage for what would become our passion and true purpose on this planet. Once Louis and I decided to design for a religiously themed mural, I prepped the walls and … well, we produced the following;


Lou Marks Jesus on the Cross Mural
Lou Marks Jesus on the Cross Mural


Now I don’t mind waiting a moment to allow you, the reader or potential future client, to reread the paragraph above and let it really sink in. Again, please look at the attention to detail below;




This particular mural was painted so passionately that it was almost as if there was glorious presence in the room. Not to mention it also turned the room into the “Art Gallery” with friends and family posing for photographs. After that, the requests began to pour in. Some examples include the following;  a Vietnam war scene on a the cover of a personal journal, several Personal and Pet Portraits, Holiday T-Shirts, several different scenic landscape paintings and even a request to design a book cover for a published author. What distinguishes us from other mural and art companies is that we are building your dream from scratch. In other words, we aren’t the type of company to come and roll a pre-photographed mural of the beach onto your wall. We will sit down with you first, develop an idea, sketch it and once agreed upon, we get to work. That being said, if you already have a photograph or something extremely particular in mind, again we will meet to discuss the size, width and specified area and once all the specifics have been noted, we will sketch the mural or painting, e-mail/meet to agree upon the design and then… ART.


We specialize in the following; (*Both acrylic and oil)

* Scenic Murals

*Personal Portraits (Memoirs, Tributes)

*Pet Paintings and Memoirs

*Custom Signs (Churches, Restaurants, Sporting Goods)

*Surfboards, Skateboards and Snowboards

*Religious Murals



So, in closing, I would truly like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about the history of HANDPAINTED. There will be plenty more to come regarding the artists involved in HANDPAINTED. as well our “Meet the Artists” interviews and posts coming shortly.


Have a great day!










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