Media Gallery II


Part II

PhotoFunia Vintage TV Sets Regular 2014-12-16 09 38 12



St. Francis of Assisi (Originally sketched in pencil, pen then charcoal)

Artist: L. Marks


PhotoFunia Silhouettes Regular 2014-12-16 10 25 57

“The Gallery.”

PhotoFunia Foggy Window Writing Regular 2014-12-16 10 00 25


PhotoFunia Chalk Writing Regular 2014-12-16 10 02 06

“Feeling Lucky”

PhotoFunia Truck Regular 2014-12-16 10 16 43


*Would love to speak to someone about the rental and continuous display of the area’s most talented artists work in and around the city. Street artists and conservative artists need to come together to save our right of expression through artistic creation. It’s time we show some love to this city.

(E-Mail –


PhotoFunia Graffiti Billboard Regular 2014-12-16 08 50 49


PhotoFunia Graffiti Wall Regular 2014-12-16 08 53 11




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